Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tennis elbow

Same dojo new injury;
3rd ranked female judo player had problem with her shoulder. MRI shows glenolabral tear(shoulder cartilage tear) and her pain is with stretching of her capsule only (pain to the front of her shoulder with judo throwing). Sent her to physical therapy, worked on flexibility to the now tight shoulder is quiet but the forearm is killing her. No apparent trauma but getting to point of pain with gripping. World competition is in january. I wanted to try conservative therapy but competition is too close. In this event, acupuncture would be the way I would have tried to move the pain/stuck energy. This would be what the "Saguil Approach" is about, knowing all the full options including alternative and surgical. We will try a steriod injection tommorrow and continue with the treatment of shoulder and forearm rehab, acupuncture deep tissue massage and antiiflammatory. In acupuncture terms....the shoulder point of pain and elbow point of pain and all in the lung meridia. I hope we can continue with stimulating the points to move the energy. I also asked her to get on an antiinflammatory diet but not sure how she is keeping up.

We'll see....

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